img27.03.2024BlogWaves Enterprise 1.14.0 update: meet WebAssemblyimg09.02.2024BlogWaves Enterprise 2024 roadmap updateimg23.08.2023BlogWaves Enterprise brings DAO power to horror movie making
img20.07.2023NewsIntroducing Creative Vision: A Groundbreaking DAO Empowering Horror Film Production, Art Collecting, and NFT Innovation
img30.06.2023BlogEAST AMA with Dmitry Piterkin: current status and plansimg22.05.2023BlogEAST-OLD > EAST 2.0 swap has startedimg17.05.2023BlogEAST.Finance 2.0, an enterprise-grade SafeFi Protocol, is launchedimg12.05.2023BlogEAST is introducing the protocol incentive programimg04.05.2023BlogWaves Enterprise is partnering with Corix Solutionsimg20.04.2023BlogEAST landing in Waves blockchain has startedimg30.03.2023BlogEAST.Finance passed smart contract security auditimg23.03.2023BlogEAST 2.0 AMA with Sasha Ivanov: meet the new SafeFi stablecoinimg17.03.2023BlogWaves Enterprise platform was updated to 1.12.2img17.02.2023BlogThe debut DAO-approved project gets a litepaperimg10.02.2023BlogWaves Enterprise Q1 2023 AMA Recapimg24.01.2023BlogWaves Enterprise platform update — version 1.12.1img30.12.2022BlogWaves Enterprise in 2022: year in reviewimg15.09.2022Blog(Spanish version) Waves Enterprise H2 AMA session: the DAO, the new white paper and what’s nextimg09.09.2022BlogWaves Enterprise H2 AMA session: the DAO, the new white paper and what’s nextimg16.08.2022BlogWEST gets listed on Tsunami Exchangeimg07.07.2022BlogWE.Vote now supports e-voting in personimg23.06.2022BlogNew JVM-based smart contract SDK for developing business applicationsimg10.06.2022BlogWaves Enterprise mainnet and WEST 2.0 white paper is publishedimg07.06.2022BlogThird anniversary of the Waves Enterprise mainnetimg03.06.2022BlogNew smart contract SDK for developing business applicationsimg31.05.2022BlogWaves Enterprise goes open source and launches DAO
img31.05.2022NewsWaves Enterprise Goes Open-Source and Launches DAO…
img04.05.2022NewsMoscow hosted the 8th international forum on cryptocurrencies and mining Blockchain Life 2022
img24.02.2022BlogBlockchain services as a further step in e-votingimg14.02.2022BlogWaves Enterprise platform update — version 1.8img28.01.2022BlogRoadmap update for 2022img22.12.2021BlogWaves Enterprise in 2021: results and plansimg21.12.2021BlogMain thoughts of the third Waves Enterprise conferenceimg29.11.2021BlogWaves Enterprise and Ergo bring more secured blockchain data oracles to enterprise blockchainimg28.10.2021BlogWaves Enterprise won Blockchain Life Awards 2021 award
img08.10.2021NewsBrightside Academy, an early childhood education provider in Ohio, has built its employee rewards program on Waves Enterprise blockchain technology
img24.09.2021BlogWaves Enterprise platform update — version 1.7img22.09.2021BlogWaves Enterprise Wallet — a new Chrome extension to work with the Waves Enterprise accountsimg20.09.2021BlogWaves Enterprise roadmap update — September 2021img03.09.2021BlogTokenomika and Waves Enterprise AMA Session: Plans of the Companies, EAST.Finance Statusimg16.07.2021Blog175 mln of WEST will be locked on a smart contract to increase the independence of the mainnetimg09.07.2021BlogWaves Enterprise platform update: version 1.6.2img22.06.2021BlogAn e-voting on local initiatives was conducted in the Volgograd regionimg07.06.2021BlogWaves Enterprise mainnet turns two years since the launchimg03.06.2021BlogTokenomika and Waves Enterprise AMA Session: future plans, mainnet development, WEST and EAST.Finance. May 31, 2021img29.04.2021BlogWE.Vote e-voting service update — version 1.4img27.04.2021BlogRoscosmos and Waves Enterprise launch blockchain service to protect intellectual property
img27.04.2021NewsRussian space agency uses blockchain to protect intellectual property
img22.04.2021BlogWaves Enterprise platform update: version 1.6
img19.04.2021NewsWaves Enterprise expands to Singapore to pursue hybrid blockchain adoption
img16.04.2021BlogBlockchain enterprise platform Waves Enterprise establishes regional office in Chinaimg24.03.2021BlogSingapore-based Tokenomika has become Waves Enterprise public network operatorimg01.03.2021BlogWE mainnet and WEST — what’s next?img31.12.2020BlogSumming up the results of 2020img24.12.2020BlogWaves Enterprise is entering a strategic partnership with Conflux Networkimg24.12.2020BlogWaves Enterprise platform updateimg18.12.2020BlogWaves Enterprise Conference 2020img16.12.2020BlogWaves Enterprise partners up with Ontologyimg03.12.2020BlogUpdated roadmap for 2021img01.12.2020BlogAlfa-Bank’s B2B service for work with self-employed in partnership with APIBank and Waves…
img18.11.2020NewsWaves Enterprise releases blockchain voting platform to the public
img18.11.2020BlogCommercial launch of the blockchain service for online voting
img15.11.2020NewsBrazilian TSE tests elections on blockchain technologies (Portuguese)
img06.11.2020BlogWaves Enterprise Platform Received the Status of a Microsoft’s Silver Partnerimg26.10.2020BlogUpdate for the Waves Enterprise platformimg22.10.2020BlogWaves Enterprise team tokens and plans for Q4 2020img01.10.2020BlogWaves Enterprise Frequently Asked Questions | Extended Сutimg17.09.2020BlogWhat will happen to the Waves Enterprise team tokens
img15.09.2020NewsNearly 30,000 blockchain votes were recorded in Russian elections — The most ever
img27.08.2020BlogWaves Enterprise technologies will be used in federal elections
img19.08.2020NewsRussia Pilots Federal Voting on Waves Blockchain
img12.08.2020BlogWaves Enterprise releases platform updateimg22.07.2020BlogFAQ for newcomers (July 2020)
img16.07.2020NewsMicrosoft Partners With Waves Enterprise to Tokenize Industrial Assets
img16.07.2020BlogWaves Enterprise and Microsoft announce partnershipimg15.07.2020BlogVoting service update releasedimg09.07.2020BlogInformation Security Test of Waves Enterprise Voting Serviceimg02.07.2020BlogWaves Enterprise releases update
img25.06.2020NewsWaves Platform Set to Increase the Speed of its Blockchain Network
img18.06.2020NewsDecentralized elections are one step closer to reality thanks to Waves Enterprise
img16.06.2020BlogWaves Enterprise Community Voteimg05.06.2020BlogWaves Enterprise mainnet celebrates first anniversaryimg28.05.2020BlogPublic beta testing of Waves Enterprise e-voting service launchedimg20.05.2020BlogWaves Enterprise Completes Performance Testsimg19.05.2020EventsLive stream series. Waves Enterprise platform overviewimg08.05.2020BlogWaves Enterprise Launches Data Oracle Service on Mainnetimg09.04.2020BlogWaves Enterprise Releases Major Patch
img03.04.2020BlogAssessing blockchain platform to secure enterprise data and infrastructure
img20.03.2020BlogWaves Enterprise activates anchoringimg17.03.2020BlogWaves Enterprise platform updatedimg27.12.2019BlogBusinesses discuss blockchain solutionsimg25.12.2019BlogWaves Enterprise releases network update
img11.12.2019NewsWaves blockchain used to track Russian energy consumption
img10.12.2019NewsRussia’s Power Grid Company Tests Blockchain for Power Meter Data
img10.12.2019BlogWaves Enterprise’s solution: a new approach to recording electricity consumptionimg04.12.2019BlogWaves Enterprise tech used for winning hackathon solutions
img29.11.2019BlogWhat is Data Privacy on a Private Blockchain, and Why Do We Need It?
img25.11.2019NewsWaves and the Tricky Task of Being a Russian Crypto Brand
img14.11.2019BlogWaves Enterprise Releases Major Network Upgrade
img14.11.2019BlogWaves Enterprise Releases Major Network Upgrade