19.03.2020ArticleWaves Enterprise activates anchoring

Referential data storage, or Anchoring, is now available on the Waves Enterprise Mainnet.

17.03.2020ArticleWaves Enterprise platform updated

The update features a licensing scheme, a new data crawler, anchoring functionality and other critical improvements.

27.12.2019ArticleBusinesses discuss blockchain solutions

Waves Enterprise Conference: Blockchain for Business, held on December 17, focused on the major trends in developing corporate solutions…

25.12.2019ArticleWaves Enterprise releases network update

Thanks to the update, the platform’s reliability, speed and throughput will improve, and it will become easier to use.

10.12.2019ArticleWaves Enterprise’s solution: a new approach to recording electricity consumption

Waves Enterprise’s solution was showcased at the international forum «Power Grids» 2019 as one of the outcomes of a pilot project…

04.12.2019ArticleWaves Enterprise tech used for winning hackathon solutions

The StartBlock team, who built their solution on the Waves Enterprise platform, won in the Blockchain Technologies track of the Greenatom hackathon.

29.11.2019ArticleWhat is Data Privacy on a Private Blockchain, and Why Do We Need It?

Waves Enterprise builds on and adapts existing solutions for private data storage and transmission on a private blockchain, optimizing the benefits for our target market.

14.11.2019ArticleWaves Enterprise Releases Major Network Upgrade

The release will feature containerized smart contracts improved performance, new tools and an upgraded API.

30.10.2019ArticleSmart Contracts for the Private Blockchain Network

Waves Enterprise’s approach addresses many of the shortcomings of public blockchain smart contracts when applied to a private network.

23.10.2019ArticleGlobal Chain to introduce blockchain in logistics

Alexander Ivanov, founder of Waves Platform, and Mark Garber, GHP Group’s Chairman of the Board, are launching a joint venture, Global Chain.