20.05.2020MediaWaves Enterprise Completes Performance Tests

The tests have proven the platform’s stable performance under different scenarios, confirming target throughput parameters.

08.05.2020MediaWaves Enterprise Launches Data Oracle Service on Mainnet

The data oracle service was launched on the Waves Enterprise main network, which will allow decentralized applications to become more…

09.04.2020MediaWaves Enterprise Releases Major Patch

The update aims to make the network more profitable for miners and token holders, as well as improving speed and throughput.

03.04.2020MediaAssessing blockchain platform to secure enterprise data and infrastructure19.03.2020MediaWaves Enterprise activates anchoring

Referential data storage, or Anchoring, is now available on the Waves Enterprise Mainnet.

17.03.2020MediaWaves Enterprise platform updated

The update features a licensing scheme, a new data crawler, anchoring functionality and other critical improvements.

27.12.2019MediaBusinesses discuss blockchain solutions

Waves Enterprise Conference: Blockchain for Business, held on December 17, focused on the major trends in developing corporate solutions…

25.12.2019MediaWaves Enterprise releases network update

Thanks to the update, the platform’s reliability, speed and throughput will improve, and it will become easier to use.

10.12.2019MediaWaves Enterprise’s solution: a new approach to recording electricity consumption

Waves Enterprise’s solution was showcased at the international forum «Power Grids» 2019 as one of the outcomes of a pilot project…

04.12.2019MediaWaves Enterprise tech used for winning hackathon solutions

The StartBlock team, who built their solution on the Waves Enterprise platform, won in the Blockchain Technologies track of the Greenatom hackathon.