Waves Enterprise team tokens and plans for Q4 2020

We publish an address of a smart contract with the Waves Enterprise team tokens, and share our plans for the fourth quarter of 2020.

A month ago we announced a solution for storing Waves Enterprise team tokens on a smart contract and promised to publish its address in October, and thus the time has come.

Smart contract with WEST tokens

A smart account with script written in the Ride programming language is used to store the team tokens. The team decided to lock the entire cache of its tokens: 160 million, (not 150 as previously assumed), until January 1, 2022. This approach will simplify mutual understanding between the team and the community by resolving questions about the remaining 10 million and the date of their release into circulation. You can check the address where tokens are stored here: Check the smart contract’s address with the script prohibiting transactions before the above-mentioned date here:

The possibility of freezing the tokens of early investors on a smart contract under similar conditions is still under discussion. At the moment it is hard to predict a specific date for reaching agreements on this. However, it is already clear that investors do not have short-term plans to bring their tokens into circulation.

Q4 2020 prospects

After clarifying the tokens topic, we want to notify you that we have an important quarter ahead from a business perspective, which may become no less significant than the previous quarter — with the case of using our technologies during federal elections in the Russian Federation.

Waves Enterprise clients and partnerships

By the end of this year we plan to tell you about several major projects based on Waves Enterprise technologies that we have been working on for a long time but haven’t been able to disclose details until the official release due to an agreement with our partners.

Business release of the voting service

A commercial version of the voting service will be released soon, which will work on the Waves Enterprise main network. The team plans to make substantial efforts to promote and popularize the service, which in turn should increase the volume of transactions in the main network and increase the profitability of maintaining network nodes. The commercial version is expected to be released in early November 2020.

The end of 2020 will be hot, so stay tuned!