Live stream series. Waves Enterprise platform overview

May 19 1:30 PM (UTC)

This live stream is the first in a series of online events devoted to implementing corporate blockchain solutions and the latest blockchain trends.

Blockchain-based applications provide exceptional utility in solving business issues, simultaneously bringing stability and high performance to existing corporate IT systems. This live stream will offer insights into where enterprise blockchain is today, how we got there and how we can transition to the next stage of blockchain implementation in the corporate and public sectors, making sure we leverage existing architecture and infrastructure. The upcoming live stream will introduce the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform, review its distinctions from other platforms and present the most successful use cases across different areas.

Join this interactive session to explore current trends, Waves Enterprise’s architecture and use cases.

During the stream, the following questions will be discussed:

  • What are the latest trends in the corporate blockchain segment? What can we expect from this technology over the next two years?
  • For what projects and tasks has blockchain already become the “go-to” technology?
  • What are technical parameters of the Waves Enterprise hybrid blockchain platform and its advantages?
  • How can we run business processes in a blockchain network and integrate it with the company’s IT systems?
  • What are the main implementation cases for the Waves Enterprise platform?

We look forward to an engaging event and hope you will join us.

Register and get a link to the live stream! And be sure to prepare lots of questions.