Waves Enterprise mainnet turns two years since the launch

Waves Enterprise mainnet celebrates its second anniversary! Since June 2020 it has grown from version 1.2.2 to 1.6, boasting a large number of new features and improvements. Let’s name the most remarkable:

  • Multithreading for smart contracts on average makes the throughput of smart contracts’ call-processing five times more efficient.
  • Atomic transactions enable business clients to combine multiple transactions of a single business process into a group and execute them as a whole.
  • gRPC events stream lets business applications interact with the blockchain network via the push model, significantly reducing the load for network nodes.
  • CFT consensus allows business application developers to be always sure that a transaction sent to the UTX pool of a blockchain network node has been recorded. Crash-Fault Tolerance consensus excludes the possibility of a regular fork of the chain, as in PoA or PoS.
  • Snapshots enable archiving historical data of a blockchain network and even relaunch it with different basic parameters, like, consensus.
  • Wallet redesign and client improvements were made all along the way to polish up the UX of the platform.

In 2021 the mainnet got an operator — Singapore-based fintech Tokenomika Pte Ltd. For the 3rd year, we expect a growth in international demand, as well as new big projects, including enterprise DeFi.