Waves Enterprise in 2022: year in review

Tough’n’rough 2022 is ending, it’s time for a wrap up. For Waves Enterprise, this year brought a number of really fundamental changes, which are going to bear fruit next year. Here are the most important:

  • Waves Enterprise has moved to the enterprise DAO governance model; it includes both the community and the Governing Council. You can find more details at
  • We designed a new tokenomics based on WEST/LWEST/GWEST triad to be launched in the first half of 2023. It will bring new opportunities to all Waves Enterprise users.
  • The community already approved a couple of third-party projects to enter the Waves Enterprise ecosystem — SwapWave decentralized AMM and Syndex tokenizing protocol. With the launch of the new tokenomics, the votings in 2023 will be based on new tokens.
  • This year Waves Enterprise team became as global as never before. It moved beyond UAE and Singapore. The new legal entity was established in the USA, aimed to bring more enterprise customers to Waves Enterprise tech stack. We expect to get public cases in North America next year and make Waves Enterprise case folio truly global.
  • EAST protocol launched staking with tasty APRs — check it out!
  • We plan to continue onboarding new projects within the ecosystem; the current SwapWave and Syndex start a long journey here.

All of these global changes are forming the next phase of the Waves Enterprise ecosystem, expected to be really thrilling. And here is just a few things from the list that we plan to do in Q1:

  • LWEST/GWEST will finally set off; or at least we will share the exact date of the launch in H1.
  • More important and regular, as all the DAO initiatives will be brought to life via community voting.
  • Deeper integration into Waves ecosystem: WEST became part of WINDX, participation in the recently launched Waves ambassador program and other co-op things.
  • First of the new mainnet projects will be launched in February — a protocol for tokenizing real-world assets.
  • The USA integrator will be officially introduced to the market.

Also on February 2 we’re planning our next AMA session, so get your questions ready and stay tuned!

Happy New 2023! We wish you positive breakthroughs, success and prosperity!