WE.Vote now supports e-voting in person

WE.Vote blockchain service for distant polls has received an important update. It includes a new type of polls — e-voting in person. It is widely used for making decisions that require a general meeting, which may be hard to organize offline.

With the new WE.Vote features you can provide general meetings of large organizations, such as associations, unions, or SROs, like you always do, but without their common problems. During a meeting all the participants can listen to a speaker, then discuss the issue, and vote on it right away, then move to the next point of the agenda. Here distant voting and WE.Vote functionality brings better turnout and engagement than in offline polls.

WE.Vote easy-to-use interface helps the voters to focus on the issues discussed, and the secretary to quickly manage the meeting. The service provides all the necessary stages of e-votings in person:

  1. Preparing the agenda.
  2. Sending preliminary notifications and the necessary materials to all the participants.
  3. Registering the members and setting the quorum.
  4. Voting on the questions from the agenda.
  5. Modifying the agenda and taking into account the comments if necessary.
  6. Automatic tallying.
  7. Creating a final meeting protocol.