Waves Enterprise in 2021: results and plans

In 2021 the world started reviving from pandemic, and though sometimes we still get bad news about it, IT industry has already helped us a lot to get through. The reality even gave a boost to some concepts and technologies, such as NFT and metaverses, that are likely to dominate in the future.

As for Waves Enterprise, this year became the start of global expansion. In March we were glad to welcome a Singapore-based fintech company Tokenomika Pte Ltd. as Waves Enterprise global mainnet operator and representative in Asia-Pacific. Then we established Waves Enterprise Chinese office in Hainan and assigned a dedicated regional manager for Europe. Though the expansion has started recently, it has already borne fruit around the globe. Together with Tokenomika, we launched our first project in the USA — a mainnet-based employee motivation program for ​​Brightside Academy Ohio, an early childhood education provider with 14 academies around the state of Ohio.

The first third-party DeFi product based on our mainnet was also launched this year. EAST.Finance became the pioneer enterprise-grade DeFi protocol that is to combine real-world and crypto assets. EAST has already more than 18 mln of WEST supplied by the community — today it is the best way to keep WEST and earn! In 2022 we’re expecting more ecosystem projects and collateral assets to be introduced for EAST.

In 2021 we celebrated the second anniversary of our mainnet. Waves Enterprise platform has grown from version 1.5 to 1.8 (coming really soon). Many new features were added, such as snapshot creation, stream format data integration, parallel execution, customized validation, and API versioning of smart contracts. We also increased the platform bandwidth, improved the client, optimized our CFT consensus, and added a watcher node mode for high-load projects with many spectators. Can’t wait to share what the 1.8 release will bring — it’s planned for the very end of December!

We can’t share a number of our projects due to NDA, but still there are some great public ones. Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities is using our blockchain service to cooperate with external specialists on IP violations. Also, we have some projects to boast with WE.Vote e-voting service — dissertation councils, the “Lawyer of the year” awards, and many others. We’re excited to see how this advanced mix of blockchain and cryptography fits the taste of different customers.

To ease up and secure your work with Waves Enterprise accounts a new Waves Enterprise wallet extension for Chrome was introduced. Soon it will come to Firefox as well. Finally, we shouldn’t forget our latest new partnership — together with Ergo we plan to bring data oracle pools to enterprise blockchain. High assurance data for real world businesses!

We’re glad that Waves Enterprise achievements were confirmed by industry rewards:

Now let’s uncover some of our plans for 2022. Tokenomika is really speeding up the development of the mainnet and WEST — we can surely expect more mainnet-based projects and higher token liquidity. More Waves Enterprise offices are planned to open in different countries to bring more big public projects in 2022. We’re also working on an open-source version of our platform to attract more developers. Finally, the success of WE.Vote service is inspiring us to focus on SaaS (Solution-as-a-Service) model and bring you more out of the box blockchain solutions.

In January we’ll provide a detailed roadmap for 2022. We wish you safe and happy holidays!