Waves Enterprise Wallet — a new Chrome extension to work with the Waves Enterprise accounts

Connecting a crypto account to a web service can make your sensitive data, such as seed phrases or private keys, vulnerable to attackers. We introduce a new Chrome extension — Waves Enterprise Wallet — to minimize these risks for Waves Enterprise accounts and simplify their connecting.

Waves Enterprise Wallet lets you sign transactions with your personal keys safely in all Waves Enterprise mainnet services. Malicious extensions and sites, which attack your browser’s local storage, won’t get access to the sensitive data, because Waves Enterprise Wallet keeps it encrypted apart from this local storage.

After the installation, the icon of the wallet will appear to the right of your address bar. Otherwise, please check, if this extension is on, through the Chrome extension manager. Click the icon, press Get Started, and set an access password for the extension. Then in the extension, you will be able to create a new Waves Enterprise account or import an existing one with your seed phrase. This is the only time you need the seed phrase in the extension — from now on for authorization you will need the access password only. You can import more than one account if necessary.

You can go to the Waves Enterprise web client from the extension menu and see all the account transactions. You can also copy the public key, the wallet address and load a QR code containing it, as well as copy your private key and seed phrase without showing them. In the extension settings, you can check your white list of web servers, turn on auto-click protection (the time limit to submit a transaction), and set the time out — the idle time before the extension asks you for the access password.

The extension will also be compatible with EAST.Finance protocol. You can check the source code of the extension and get more technical info in the GitHub repository.