Summing up the results of 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a very productive year for Waves Enterprise. The team managed to achieve most of the goals set, and we are ready to move forward — to the goals outlined in the updated roadmap for 2021. Let’s refresh our memory of the main events of the outgoing year.

The beginning of 2020 was held in high spirits, and to understand why, you need to look a little further — in the events of December 2019:

Good start to the year, isn’t it? And now let’s remember the outgoing year’s events. We will not list everything; let’s focus on the most striking ones.

WEST listing on Coinmarketcap

In January 2020, the Waves Enterprise system token was added to Coinmarketcap.

Publication of the updated white paper

We have updated the document describing our vision of the platform development. We explained our concept of developing hybrid blockchain technology and services platform, listed WEST usage scenarios, and outlined plans for the next two years.

Waves Enterprise platform update — 1.2

The team has released an update to the Waves Enterprise platform to improve the network’s security, speed, and performance. It included a licensing program, a new data collector, and anchoring functionality.

Launching the anchoring service

In the main Waves Enterprise network, reference data storage has become available, which is relevant for private networks with an insufficient level of decentralization.

beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

Information security audit of the Waves Enterprise platform from Kaspersky Lab

As part of the audit, we received several recommendations from Kaspersky Lab on making our products even more secure and effective. The results of the audit are published here.

Inclusion of Waves Enterprise to the Registry of Russian Software for Computers and Database

The Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation included Waves Enterprise to the Registry of Russian Software for Computers and Database. This has made Waves Enterprise solutions a priority in public sector procurement and expanded our ability to implement our technologies.

The platform update 1.2.2

The Waves Enterprise team has made the platform more profitable for miners. The main network has received a new patch with sponsorship functionality, increased transaction fees, and brought other improvements.

Launch of the oracle service in the main network

The team launched the oracle service on the Waves Enterprise main network. As a result, Waves Enterprise’s blockchain’s decentralized applications got access to data from external sources, which significantly expanded their capabilities.

Performance test of the core network

To evaluate the Waves Enterprise platform’s current performance, we tested the system in its operation’s most common scenarios: transfer transactions, data transactions, and smart contracts.

Read about the test results on our blog.

Beta test of the e-voting service

The Waves Enterprise blockchain platform has launched a blockchain-based e-voting service in the public beta test mode. At the time of testing, the service was available to anyone. Everyone could register in the service and hold their own vote. Read more on our blog.

Anniversary of the main network

In June 2020, the main Waves Enterprise network turned one year old. For more information about network metrics with graphs and numbers, see the blog.

Waves Enterprise’s voting service information security test

Deteact, a company specializing in information security, tested Waves Enterprise’s e-voting service during beta testing. As a result of security testing, we identified and quickly fixed several vulnerabilities in the web application. Read more about the progress and results of the test on our blog.

WEST token added to the KuCoin exchange

In July, our system token was added to the KuCoin exchange. This event was accompanied by the launch of the soft staking program from Pool-X, enabling users to store tokens in their Pool-X account and receive additional tokens.

Waves Enterprise and Microsoft announce collaboration

Waves Enterprise and Microsoft’s Russian office have agreed on strategic cooperation in corporate blockchain solutions and cloud technologies. By the five-year agreement, the companies will jointly develop and promote blockchain solutions in the corporate market. Read more on our blog.

Waves Enterprise platform update — 1.3

In version 1.3, the team managed to increase the main network’s performance by 30% and call processing capacity of smart contracts by 400%. In addition, there are new features and client interface improvements. Read more on our blog.

Waves Enterprise technologies in federal elections

At the end of the summer, the news came out that Waves Enterprise’s blockchain technology was integrated into the remote e-voting system for holding elections in two regions of the Russian Federation in September 2020. The system was developed by Rostelecom and Waves Enterprise under the order of the Russian Federation’s CEC. Waves Enterprise provided a blockchain platform and developed a cryptographic protocol, applying its experience in developing its blockchain-based e-voting service to provide the necessary set of functions and characteristics of the voting system.

About 30,000 voters voted remotely. There were no glitches or errors in the voting process.

Announcement of the deadline for freezing the Waves Enterprise team’s tokens

We have prepared a solution based on a smart contract on numerous community questions about the conditions for storing and releasing team tokens into free circulation. More information here.

Waves Enterprise platform update — 1.4

The Waves Enterprise team has introduced a new version of the platform. The update made working with the platform even more convenient, added the possibility of atomic execution of transactions, and much more. Read more on the blog.

The Waves Enterprise platform has received the status of Microsoft’s silver partner

The Waves Enterprise team demonstrated an expert level of knowledge and experience in Microsoft Azure solutions, which allowed us to obtain Microsoft’s technical certification. Read more on the blog.

Commercial launch of the blockchain service for online voting

The team has launched a commercial version of the service for online voting, working on the blockchain using cryptographic mechanisms that ensure the voting process’s reliability and transparency.

You can try the online service for free. After registration, each user has 20 votes available.

Website’s Chinese version launch

We have launched our official Chinese website to reach new audiences and spread the word about Waves Enterprise.

The Waves Enterprise platform became part of the Eleições do Futuro project

As part of this project, technology companies are presenting solutions for e-voting in Brazil. On November 15, the first testing of solutions took place, and everything went well for Waves Enterprise. The choice of the solution is planned for 2022.

A series of listings on exchanges

At the end of November and throughout December, our community saw seven listings of the WEST token on various exchanges:

Alfa-Bank’s service for self-employed

Our partners from Alfa-Bank have launched a new service based on Waves Enterprise technologies, which allows you to automate business interaction with the self-employed at all stages of the process. Read about the features of the new service on our blog.

Waves Enterprise roadmap update

In early December, the team presented an updated roadmap for Waves Enterprise’s technological development for 2021. Read more about the team’s plans in the blog.

The Waves Enterprise Conference 2020

On December 15, the second annual Waves Enterprise conference was held, which traditionally brought together the best experts in corporate blockchain! This year there was an international agenda reflecting the global strategy of Waves Enterprise, and the conference itself was held in the main format of the year — online. The link to the video is published here.

Partnership with Ontology

Waves Enterprise has entered into a strategic partnership with Ontology to integrate decentralized identification into its online e-voting service and expand its functionality. Read more on the blog.

Partnership with Conflux

Waves Enterprise has announced a partnership with Conflux Network to develop its ecosystem and hybrid blockchain technology concept in China. Read more on the blog.

Platform Update — 1.5

The Waves Enterprise team has introduced a new version of the platform. The update brought a new type of consensus for private networks, which will significantly simplify the development of business applications based on Waves Enterprise. Read more on the blog.

Interchain communication between Sberbank and Waves Enterprise

Sberbank and Waves Enterprise have successfully tested the interchain connection of their blockchain platforms. During the test, digital assets issued on Sberbank’s blockchain platform were transferred to the Waves Enterprise blockchain, moved several times between different addresses within the network, and returned to Sberbank’s platform.