EAST-OLD > EAST 2.0 swap has started

Great news for the most dedicated EAST users: we’re launching a swap mechanism for the previous, discontinued version of EAST! If you have EAST-OLD coins in your Waves wallet, you get a swap offer as soon as you connect the wallet to the client. Or you can visit our special swap page to read more about it and check the sum of your available EAST-OLD.

The swap is commission-free, the only thing you’ll have to pay is transaction fee. The swap rate is 1:1, so you’ll get exactly the same amount of the new EAST 2.0 for your current EAST coins.

Now the swap offer is not limited in time; we’re doing our best to save your assets for the new EAST era. But we advise you not to delay your swap. It’s better to make a few extra clicks now than to forget and miss it later, isn’t it?