Third anniversary of the Waves Enterprise mainnet

The Waves Enterprise mainnet became one year older and turned 3! During this year we had a number of important releases, so the mainnet grew from version 1.6 to 1.8.4. Here are the biggest updates:

  • DAO governance — the mainnet as a part of the ecosystem is now managed by an enterprise-grade decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It is formed by active community members and the Governing Council, which includes three companies with vast experience in blockchain — Waves Labs, Waves Association, and Tokenomika.
  • Moving to open source — all the code of our public-permissioned network is now available on GitHub under Apache 2.0 license. Anyone can audit the mainnet, verify its security and start his own project based on the Waves Enterprise code base.
  • Customized validation of smart contract processing results — now smart contract developers can choose the one of three validation policies for their use cases. In the Waves Enterprise mainnet, its recommended leasing pools function as validators; 25% of the reward for smart contract processing is equally divided between the validators that have sent verifications.
  • Prioritization of smart contract processing — after failing to execute a smart contract, a node decreases its priority and tries to execute it again with increasing delay time, until the smart contract priority drops down to 0.
  • Watcher nodes — a new node mode for highload projects with many observers. Watcher nodes don’t participate in mining, they only receive and check validity of blocks and transactions from other nodes. Compared to the default nodes, watcher nodes need much fewer resources and don’t load up the network.
  • Private data transfer in stream mode — removes limits for file size while operating with confidential data. Now you can use any PostgreSQL or any other S3-compatible storage here.
  • Safe parallel execution of smart contracts — with MVCC (Multiversion concurrency control) algorithm. It enables launching any smart contracts in parallel, not only those with the same image, as it had been before.

To improve the mainnet UX, we have developed Waves Enterprise Wallet extension for Chrome. It lets you sign transactions with your personal keys safely in all Waves Enterprise mainnet services. Malicious extensions and sites, which attack your browser’s local storage, won’t get access to the sensitive data, because Waves Enterprise Wallet keeps it encrypted apart from this local storage.

We should also mention the biggest blockchain voting based on the mainnet — Blockchain Life Awards 2022, the most prominent awards in blockchain, crypto and mining around CIS and Europe. Almost 7 000 people made close to 19 000 votes in the 7 nominations within our WE.Vote service. Also, this year we developed our first project in the USA — mainnet-based employee motivation program for Brightside Academy Ohio, an early childhood education provider with 14 academies around the state of Ohio.

Roadmap2022_eng@2x (1) (3).png

To mark the third mainnet anniversary, we are proud to introduce the long-awaited update of the Waves Enterprise roadmap, where you can get to know all the big plans for the mainnet development in the next 1,5 years.

Also, keep an eye on the new Waves Enterprise white paper! All the details about our DAO and WEST tokenomics will be uncovered on June 9!