Waves Enterprise goes open source and launches DAO

We are very excited to announce this milestone in Waves Enterprise history — a whole new governance paradigm! All further development of the Waves Enterprise stack and ecosystem will be managed by an enterprise-grade decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). All key decisions will be made by the DAO.

The DAO will be formed by the Governing Council and active members of the WE ecosystem. Initially, the council will include three companies with vast experience in blockchain — Waves Labs, Waves Association, and Tokenomika. Later the Council will onboard other members: enterprises that rely on blockchain technology, venture funds, security companies, promising web3 startups and others. The DAO management mechanisms will be based on Waves Enterprise’s vast experience in blockchain e-voting.

At the same time, this spring Waves Enterprise has moved its entire codebase to open source, so anyone can audit and use the code. The core developers’ team based in UAE will continue to develop and improve the platform further. One of the DAO goals will be to onboard new developers and partners through grants, incentives, and certification programs.

Waves Enterprise DAO aims to build trust in the Waves Enterprise platform through open governance, making it more attractive to customers worldwide and new third-party developers. This will help to bring considerable value of blockchain to businesses worldwide. We will cover all the details of the new DAO organization as well as the Waves Enterprise mainnet roadmap in the coming white paper — be ready next week! And as the DAO goes live, we’ll notify you in all Waves Enterprise channels.