Waves Enterprise is partnering with Corix Solutions

For a long time we were promising that Waves Enterprise technologies will be available in the North America region. Finally we are glad to announce our new partner in the US market — Corix Solutions. As an integrator and solution provider of Waves Enterprise blockchain stack, Corix Solutions has significant blockchain expertise at various domains, such as ERP, retail electricity market, intellectual property protection and supply chain management.

The partnership has already borne fruit. Last week, AppTech Payments Corp. announced a strategic partnership with Corix Solutions on identifying opportunities for the commercialization of the AppTech system, including but not limited to Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), as well as integrating with the Waves Enterprise blockchain to increase AppTech’s fully integrated approach to specialty payments. AppTech expects that the partnership will strengthen its global reach and expand the company’s footprint by supporting integrations with its patent-based portfolio in text-to-pay, geolocation-based solutions, and peer-to-peer mobile payment systems. More details will follow after the initial pilots.

In the nearest future we expect to see new partnerships and deals thanks to Corix efforts, as well as WE DAO adoption in the region. Stay tuned!