About the platform

Waves Enterprise is an extension of Waves technologies, built specifically for the global needs of the corporate and public sectors.


The main components are a private blockchain platform , a system integrator and tools focused on the deployment of blockchain-based solutions within corporate infrastructures
The project provides a foundation for combining innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, IoT, big data and neural networks. This approach allows organizations not only to collect data, but also ensures data validation, comparison, predictive analysis, pattern detection, immutability, transparency, distributed storage and more effective protection against unauthorized use, attack or deletion.
The Waves Enterprise mainnet was launched in 2019.


Enhancing cryptographic capabilities
Transition to full network privacy and development of new cryptographic capabilities for the platform
Smart contracts update
Improved smart contracts: increased speed, greater flexibility of operation, removal of restrictions
Seamless integration
Development of new tools to simplify platform integration
Data security improvement
The next level of blockchain security for confidential data
Fault-tolerant network operation
Performance optimization of the core platform and failover of nodes
Fully flexible system
New configuration scripts to create targeted business chains