Roadmap update for 2022

In 2022 we are planning many improvements for the Waves Enterprise platform, aimed at extending functionality, developing DeFi, NFT projects, new features for developers, and more. This post will introduce the most important.

Signing transactions with Ledger hardware wallets

Waves Enterprise platform will support Ledger hardware crypto wallets, made for operating with various crypto assets. With a Ledger device, our users will be able to sign their transactions within our platform. This feature will make the platform more friendly to those who rely on hardware.

Upgraded private data transfer

We upgraded private data transfer within the platform. In the 1.8 release, a new subsystem for uploading and transferring private data in stream mode was added. The file size is not limited anymore. You can also use PostgreSQL or any other S3-compatible storage for your private data.

Safe parallel execution of smart contracts

We integrated MVCC (Multiversion concurrency control) into smart contract execution. MVCC controls the access of smart contracts to shared resources and resolves possible conflicts. So now you can launch any smart contracts in parallel, not only those with the same image, as it had been before.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The platform will get PKI support according to the actual security requirements, both in Russia and internationally. This will enable the most secured projects to be launched on our platform.

Open-source version of the platform

In 2022 we are going to publish an open-source version of our platform so that third-party developers can create their own projects with Waves Enterprise technologies. This will also contribute to the platform development around the world.

Native token management

For future DeFi and NFT projects, we will add managing native tokens with smart contracts. Any operation, from issuing to burning, will be available to perform with a smart contract.

New integration libraries

We’re going to release two new sets of libraries. Blockchain SDK will add new ways of operating transactions, thus making it easier to integrate with the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform. Smart contract SDK will provide a simple, easy-to-use interface for creating smart contracts, based on popular programming languages. This will reduce the barrier to entry for the developers.

Smart contract interaction

Smart contracts on the platform will be able to call one another. This will result in more complex De-Fi projects based on the tokens issued with smart contracts.

Integration with external key vaults

Waves Enterprise mainnet will be able to integrate with external trusted key vaults. This will include transaction signing, customized N-factor authentication, and implicit storage.

Private data in smart contracts

Smart contracts within our platform will be able to process confidential data and provide access to it only to selected users. This will provide more options to interact in the most secured projects.

Finally, all year long we’ll be refactoring the core of our platform, including the network layer, the miner, the consensus algorithms, and the smart contract engine to increase the bandwidth and stability. More info about every release will be provided in the Waves Enterprise blog.

In February Tokenomika will uncover its 2022 plans for the Waves Enterprise mainnet. We’re expecting a rocket jump in development — don’t miss out the next roadmap update!