Waves Enterprise platform update — version 1.8

In the 1.8 update, we focused on expanding functionality and increasing node performance. Here is the list of major improvements.

Private data transfer

We upgraded private data transfer within the platform. In the 1.8 release, a new subsystem for uploading and transferring private data in stream mode was added. The file size is not limited anymore. You can also use PostgreSQL or any other S3-compatible storage for your private data.

Safe parallel execution of smart contracts

We integrated MVCC (Multiversion concurrency control) into smart contract execution. MVCC controls the access of smart contracts to shared resources and resolves possible conflicts. So now you can launch any smart contracts in parallel, not only those with the same image, as it had been before.

Increasing performance

Many improvements were made to increase the node performance:

  • responsiveness of gRPC and REST API under heavy load was increased
  • distribution of transactions among peers is now prioritized to decrease latency of transaction recording into a block
  • encryption for TLS protocol was optimized
  • GOST cryptography software was updated
  • metadata distribution and storage in privacy data transfers is now less consuming
  • storing the status of smart contracts now requires less memory

New gRPC API methods

In the 1.8 release we added new gRPC API methods, which had been available in REST API only:

  • methods for operating private data and setting relevant policies
  • methods for operating address and alliances of blockchain accounts
  • some new utilities These new methods extend functionality within gRPC API node integration, in event/stream mode. This approach is less consuming than REST API due to fewer decoding/encoding operations from strings.

TLS support in accordance with GOST standards

Waves Enterprise mainnet nodes support TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to establish a secured connection over the Internet. In the 1.8 release, we added TLS support in accordance with Russian GOST, based on CryptoPro technologies — Russian leader in cryptographic data protection and digital signature instruments. This is necessary for registering the node as CIPF (Cryptographic Information Protection Facility) in the Russian Federation. Also, this update enables using the Waves Enterprise platform in more security demanding projects.

You can download the 1.8 update in the Waves Enterprise github.