EAST landing in Waves blockchain has started

We are excited to announce that EAST 2.0, a mighty successor of EAST stablecoin, starts its landing in Waves blockchain. The new version of the stablecoin can be already found in WX Network today; by the end of April, EAST will get a full-fledged release, with verification and liquidity pools at the exchange. Earlier we shared our big plans for the new EAST in its white paper and during the AMA session with Sasha Ivanov. The new stablecoin has a long road ahead, and the team is confident about reaching the heights claimed.

Today, the Waves ecosystem really needs a new driver, so to deliver it as soon as possible we decided to postpone EAST cross chain functionality for future releases. For the time being, EAST will exist in Waves blockchain only, WAVES and ETH will be available as collateral; DAO governance and Waves Enterprise part of the infrastructure will arrive later. Most core stablecoin functions claimed in the white paper will launch by the end of April — including trustworthy economic model and real-time withdrawals!

You can already find both versions of EAST in your WX app; keep your eyes on the one without the “old” icon. Bear in mind: the first-gen “EAST-old” stablecoins will be swapped for the new EAST. In a while, we’ll release this mechanism and provide instructions for the exchange.

Soon we’ll introduce a detailed roadmap of the new stablecoin. Stay tuned and go EAST!