Waves Enterprise mainnet celebrates first anniversary

Mainnet services

Throughout a year of active development work, the Waves Enterprise team has launched several major mainnet services, facilitating the expansion of containerized smart contract functionality, secure storage of private network data, and mainnet decentralization.

Data oracles offer a major mainnet service for transferring data from real-world sources to the blockchain. Currently, oracles broadcast six data flows for crypto, USD and EUR exchange rates. This data can be used by smart contracts for various purposes. The team plans to ramp up the volume of data in the near future.

Anchoring is a service that facilitates the organization of referential storage for private network data on the mainnet. The data itself is not transferred or revealed to anyone, since only the hash sum of the data is sent to the mainnet. This approach helps to ensure data immutability while maintaining privacy.

Leasing is a tool for interaction between WEST token holders and mainnet node owners, which allows token holders to participate in mainnet maintenance.

Documentation and support

Apart from developing mainnet products and services and node software updates, the team has actively been creating extensive documentation in two languages to help anyone understand all the different platform components. If anyone has additional questions or problems, they can contact support at any time to get help, including dedicated personnel for a specific project.