An e-voting on local initiatives was conducted in the Volgograd region

Active involvement of citizens in solving local issues in their district, city, or village, has become a global trend. Obviously the people know more about most of these problems than local officials do. When the citizens themselves initiate projects for life improvement, it helps to build an open and effective dialogue with authorities, to determine the most important issues for budgeting.

From May 11 to 25, 2021, the largest voting on initiatives within Russia was conducted in the Volgograd region. For the project, an e-voting service was developed on top of the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform. It consists of two main parts. The centralized part provides user registration and authorization, creating and adopting projects in administrative districts, and reviewing the results of the voting. The decentralized part provides transparent and anonymous access to making a vote. The service was located within a secured fail-safe segment of the Yandex.Cloud data center.

As the result 344 567 unique visitors from municipal subjects gave 376 457 votes for school and municipal improvements in the region. You can find more information about the case in the Use Cases section.