Waves Enterprise DAO

We aim at scaling blockchain for enterprises and any organizations that require an enterprise-grade approach in their digital transformation journey.


Waves Enterprise DAO decentralizes the Waves Enterprise technology’s power, jurisdiction, and management to its Governing Council and active members of the Waves Enterprise ecosystem.

The DAO management mechanisms use vast Waves Enterprise’s experience in blockchain e-voting. Through transparent, open governance, Waves Enterprise DAO builds trust in the Waves Enterprise platform, making it more attractive for customers and third-party developers.

what we do

WE technologies direction

Members of WE Foundation share an equal vote in the directions of Waves Enterprise technology stack, tokenomics, products and services. WE Improvement Proposals from the community?

Marketing & Onboarding

Awareness-building for Waves Enterprise ecosystem, community building and help with customer onboarding.

Core of decentralization

Foundation members run the initial set of fault-tolerant nodes on Waves Enterprise main network, providing network stability and securing it.


The decision on allocation and distribution of grants for companies and individuals improving and enhancing the Waves Enterprise ecosystem.



why to join

You will take part in forming the future of the Waves Enterprise technology stack
You will pioneer blockchain standards for your industry
You will be assured that not a single company or network validator has undue influence or control over the mainnet
You will be able to foster the growth and development of the Waves Enterprise mainnet using the treasury.

how to join

Whether you want to apply for the Waves Enterprise ecosystem or become a member of the Governing Council, please fill in the form below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible to continue our discussion.
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