EAST.Finance passed smart contract security audit

EAST 2.0 successfully passed smart contract security audit by Decurity. The threat model included a number of various attacks:

  • Deploying a malicious contract or submitting malicious data, which may result in contract code or data hijacking. Can be performed by the contract or token owner.
  • A malicious manipulation of the business logic and balances, such as a re-entrancy attack or a flash loan attack (financial fraud). Can be performed by anyone.
  • Exploiting the weaknesses in the compiler or the runtime of the smart contracts. Can be performed by anyone.

According to the final report, the Decurity team discovered 7 weaknesses, ranging from low to medium risk level, based on the risk of exploitation and severity. All the weaknesses were fixed in EAST.Finance updates; this was verified and reported by Decurity as well.

These audits are very important for any DeFi project; we’re proud EAST.Finance does provide enough security for such an expert team of hackers!