Waves Enterprise technologies will be used in federal elections

Closing thoughts

The use of blockchain technologies in combination with cryptographic algorithms, as well as other modern technologies in the electronic voting system allows you to organize an electoral process that has such characteristics as:

Availability — only identified participants with the necessary rights have access to voting. All actions of participants are automatically verified for authenticity using a smart contract and entries in a trusted distributed registry.

Integrity — the voting mechanism eliminates data substitution at any stage of the process. The smart contract prohibits unauthorized participants from the system and vote processing and results are protected by cryptographic algorithms.

Confidentiality — anonymity of the vote is guaranteed by the homomorphic encryption. The result of the user’s choice is hidden, but you can make sure that their voice is taken into account.

Verifiability — the system provides a trusted environment for organizing independent voting with a distributed vote counting body, as well as verifying the authenticity of the counting results by all authorized participants, such as independent observers.