Blockchain enterprise platform Waves Enterprise establishes regional office in China

Russian blockchain platform Waves Enterprise opens a regional office in Hainan, China. The decision to participate in Chinese blockchain market was taken after marketing testing through local Waves Enterprise representatives and the emergence of the first contracts interested in Waves Enterprise technology. Moreover, the Chinese market is one of the most ambitious in the usage of blockchain technologies in the public and enterprise areas. According to Deloitte survey, China is one of the first early adopters in the future blockchain economy. For example, China is now testing a nationwide blockchain service network (BSN), there are plans to add Waves Enterprise to that network.

Waves Enterprise began global expansion just a few months ago and plans to diversify its business in the next few years, increasing its presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East countries. This will happen over a 3–5 year perspective.

Waves Enterprise is going to create new workplaces and hire employees with local expertise. Now more than 150 people are employed at Moscow HQ of Waves Enterprise, most of them are developers. Some of them will move to the new office in China.