Waves Enterprise releases platform update

The new version will further improve network performance and user experience.

In this update, the Waves Enterprise team responded to requests from large customers and regular users to make workflow on the platform more convenient and implement the necessary toolset. Without a doubt the team has managed that and more, as this version expands the boundaries of the mainnet and platform-based solutions.


The new version of the node gets more than 20 changes to optimize performance and expand functionality, but in this article we will focus on the most important ones.

Version 1.3 implements functionality that enables running some types of smart contracts in multiple threads parallelizing their execution. On average, this will make the throughput of smart contracts’ call-processing five times more efficient.

The team also managed a 30% increase in the mainnet’s performance by optimizing delay timings during microblock generation.

At the request of Waves Enterprise partners, the team added the ability to validate the smart contract execution results by several network nodes. This option can be activated if you need higher reliability of smart contract execution.

Also, at the request of our customers, support for S3/Minio as a private data storage was integrated to work with large amounts of data and transfer it more comfortably.


The Waves Enterprise team has implemented several useful features in the platform’s user interface, including the following:

  • There is a new section “Network stats” that displays information about the number of nodes in the network, the average block size, the number of blocks in the chain, the load on the network, as well as network statistics for the selected period: charts with the number of transactions of various types, information from the Oracle service, etc.
  • The changes also affected the menu: profile information and user addresses were moved to a separate upper panel, and the number of menu items was reduced by combining the “Groups” and “Data Transactions” sections in one “Data transfer” section.
  • There is a section “Write to us” where users can leave feedback about the app and contact the developers.
  • The new version also added the ability to delete the blockchain address from the account and display sponsorship transactions. In addition, a calculator for payments from leasing has appeared in the settings.
  • Also, we have added support for working with DockerCall-v3 transactions and a new DockerUpdate transaction.
  • Finally, the display of numbers in the “Tokens” and “Explorer” sections has been changed for better readability; the fractional part of the number is now grayed out and typed in a smaller font.

In the following posts, we will reveal the technical details of implementing this version and what we were guided by when making changes. Stay tuned!