New JVM-based smart contract SDK for developing business applications

Waves Enterprise has published a new version of its smart contract SDK for Java/Kotlin developers. Now in the SDK repository you can find everything to start developing your own Docker smart contracts for the Waved Enterprise platform in JVM languages. We have added the necessary lib modules from our production core, and refined them to attract more open source developers.

This JVM-based SDK makes blockchain development accessible to more developers. Now those who have experience in Java or Kotlin can easily handle smart contract development, just like JS/Typescript developers can do with their own SDK.

With the Java/Kotlin SDK you can start a full cycle of smart contract development, with coding and deployment. In the near future, we plan adding a handy framework to test smart contracts without connecting a node or gRPC transport. You can find the quick start guide in the repository. More information about Java/Kotlin SDK will be published in this blog and other Waves Enterprise channels.