Waves Enterprise platform update: version 1.6.2

The biggest new feature of the 1.6.2 release is customized validation of smart contract processing results. Now smart contract developers can choose the best validation policies for their use cases from the three options available. Also, a blockchain operator can assign certain nodes as validators, so they will check the smart contract processing results and send their verifications to the block creator in the current round. For example, after the feature will be deployed in the Waves Enterprise mainnet, its recommended leasing pools will become validators. And to validate the results of the smart contracts within the validation policy, more than two-thirds of total verifications will be necessary. After all, 25% of the reward for smart contract processing will be equally divided between the validators that have sent verifications. The new feature will make smart contract processing more safe and flexible than with static validation, as before.

Another new feature In the 1.6.2 release is API versioning for smart contracts. It means that before processing a smart contract on a certain node, the compatibility of their API versions will be checked. In general, it will optimize the network’s workflow.

Finally, let’s remember the most important new features of the previous release, 1.6.1. These included automatization of snapshot download by a launching node. It helps to speed up blockchain deployment in certain cases. Also, in the 1.6.1 we optimized our CFT consensus.

You can download the 1.6.2 update in the Waves Enterprise github.