Waves Enterprise platform update — version 1.12.1

Waves Enterprise blockchain platform was updated to version 1.12.1. This includes fixes to the previous, major release 1.12, the first big one since the open source release. From 1.12 and on, smart contracts can interact with all the tokens issued within the network.

Universal token support in the smart contracts

Now smart contracts issue tokens on blockchain level instead of smart contract level. So the tokens can then be used by any other contracts within the platform. Also, smart contracts can now have their own token balance and manage it.

The updated API enables to attach a list of incoming token transfers on a smart contract call. After the execution, the smart contract can return the list of operations done with these tokens, including issue/reissue, transfer and burn. For example, if a smart contract is to issue an NFT after it receives X tokens, it will return two operations: the NFT issue and its transfer to the payer.

This functionality creates enormous opportunities for NFT and DeFi projects within the Waves Enterprise platform. EAST stablecoin becomes available for third-party DAO projects and other DeFi initiatives. Also, LWEST (WEST staking) and GWEST (LWEST leasing) tokens for Waves Enterprise DAO can now be unleashed in their full functionality.

Other updates

The 1.12 release also boasts a list of smaller improvements:

  • Periodic UTX pool rebalancing was added to increase the network stability under heavy load.
  • New smart contract methods for gRPC API were added.
  • Added MVCC (multiversion concurrency control) for the new operations with tokens.
  • Circuit breaker template was fixed, which prevents problems with execution of one transaction from spreading to others.
  • Smart contract validation was optimized.
  • Potential vulnerability of private data in smart contracts was fixed.

More information about these and other updates can be found in the platform documentation.