Education Project implementedEmployee motivation programBrightside Academy Ohio, an early childhood education provider with 14 academies around the state of Ohio, has built its employee rewards program on Waves Enterprise blockchain. HR State Project implementedBlockchain service to protect means of individualizationA platform for Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities and external IP specialists to implement pre-court activities on IP violations Copyright Fintech project implementedCash poolingA customizable distributed treasury and cash management (DTCM) service Finance Treasury Liquidity Cash pooling Fintech project implementedAlfa-Bank’s B2B service for work with self-employedAlfa-Bank has implemented a comprehensive solution for automating work with self-employed based on blockchain technologies Fintech Banks Self-employed State Project implementedE-voting on initiatives in the Volgograd regionBased on Waves Enterprise blockchain platform, the largest voting on initiatives within Russia was conducted in the Volgograd region E-voting Education Project implementedVoting in dissertation councils for awarding academic degreesSteklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences is using WE.Vote e-voting service for awarding academic degrees… E-voting Госсектор Project implementedTransparent voting at the Russian Federation of Practical ShootingRussian Federation of Practical Shooting is using WE.Vote to vote on competition venues or evaluating its results, with up to a thousand voters engaged. E-voting Energy project implementedElectricity accountingA decentralized system for interaction between retail electricity market participants Electricity Power Energy Utilities&housing Oil and gas project implementedSupply chain + IoTA decentralized cargo tracking system based on the Waves Enterprise blockchain or a major oil company Oil Gas Supply Logistics Cargo Cargo tracking Healthcare Patient dataA user-controlled database for patient information on the blockchain Healthcare Clinics Treatment Fintech Cross-border paymentsA blockchain-based system for cross-border payments Finance Payments SWIFT Arts Rights managementAn online service for depositing copyrighted material. Copyright Manufacturing Loan tokenizationAn automated loan digitalization system (E-Loan) for metals companies Finance Payments Loans Manufacturing , Retail Product authenticityA system for product authenticity verification Manufacture Retail Sales Authenticity Distribution Oil and gas Supply chain + document flowA system for automating resource supply management Oil Gas Supply Resources Logistics Suppliers Healthcare Medical recordsA system for managing access rights to patients’ medical records Healthcare Clinics Treatment