Fintech project implementedCash poolingA customizable distributed treasury and cash management (DTCM) service Finance Treasury Liquidity Cash pooling Fintech project implementedAlfa-Bank’s B2B service for work with self-employedAlfa-Bank has implemented a comprehensive solution for automating work with self-employed based on blockchain technologies Fintech Banks Self-employed State Project implementedE-voting on initiatives in the Volgograd regionBased on Waves Enterprise blockchain platform, the largest voting on initiatives within Russia was conducted in the Volgograd region E-voting Energy project implementedElectricity accountingA decentralized system for interaction between retail electricity market participants Electricity Power Energy Utilities&housing Oil and gas project implementedSupply chain + IoTA decentralized cargo tracking system based on the Waves Enterprise blockchain or a major oil company Oil Gas Supply Logistics Cargo Cargo tracking Healthcare Patient dataA user-controlled database for patient information on the blockchain Healthcare Clinics Treatment Fintech Cross-border paymentsA blockchain-based system for cross-border payments Finance Payments SWIFT Arts Rights managementAn online service for depositing copyrighted material. Copyright Manufacturing Loan tokenizationAn automated loan digitalization system (E-Loan) for metals companies Finance Payments Loans Manufacturing , Retail Product authenticityA system for product authenticity verification Manufacture Retail Sales Authenticity Distribution Oil and gas Supply chain + document flowA system for automating resource supply management Oil Gas Supply Resources Logistics Suppliers Healthcare Medical recordsA system for managing access rights to patients’ medical records Healthcare Clinics Treatment