Project implemented

DAO Film Creation Platform


Creative Vision is using Waves Enterprise technologies for its DAO platform to finance the production of high-quality horror movies

DAO Film Creation Platform
The Problem

Aiming to become a powerhouse in the horror film genre, Creative Vision was searching for a platform to Incorporate functionality that allows for decentralized film creation based on community involvement and voting mechanisms.

The Solution

The new Creative Vision DAO is based on open-source Waves Enterprise technology stack, which already fuels WEST DAO and WE.Vote e-voting platform. Creative Vision DAO leverages vast DAO opportunities for both film creators and community members.

The basic mechanism of Creative Vision DAO is the following:

  1. DAO is formed by the community members who offer their equipment, services for film production and pledge coins into the DAO’s wallet.
  2. Horror film creators upload their script or project at DAO site and set minimum funding targets for the project to move on through the production phases.
  3. If the minimum funding targets are met, the project moves through the next voting phases: pre-production, production, post-production and acceptance.
Voting Phases

Pre-production voting starts, once the minimum pre-production funding target is achieved. If a majority (or a predetermined threshold) of DAO members vote YES, the necessary funds from the DAO wallet are unlocked to pay for equipment/services. So begins the pre-production.


Production voting starts, once the pre-production is complete. If a majority (or a predetermined threshold) vote YES, additional funds are unlocked from the DAO wallet for the production phase. So begins the production.


Post-production voting starts, once the production is complete. If a majority (or a predetermined threshold) vote YES, the remaining funds for the project are unlocked from the DAO wallet for post-production. So begins the post-production.


Acceptance voting starts, once the post-production is complete. If a majority (or a predetermined threshold) vote YES, the finished product is released to the wider community and gets access to various viewing options, such as free content or pay-per-view, as determined by the DAO.

Additional Features

The new DAO platform includes an airdrop mechanism for the community members. The funds and decisions of the Creative Vision DAO are thoroughly protected from malicious actors. Each voting phase is transparent, so all the DAO members can monitor progress and finances.

Disputes may arise during the film creation process, so the DAO provides a conflict resolution mechanism for it. In order not to miss anything important, DAO members can provide suggestions or comments at each voting phase.

Finally, Creative Vision DAO includes a mechanism for handling projects that do not meet the funding target or get rejected at any voting phase.

Platform Advantages
  • Thanks to the transparent DAO mechanisms, developed by Waves Enterprise, all the project financing is transparent for any DAO member; nothing is shady.
  • The DAO enables to unite a really devoted community of horror film enthusiasts, so every piece of talent has a chance to succeed.
  • Functional and protected smart contracts ensure that every voting phase will proceed just as planned.
  • Creative Vision can easily leverage blockchain even further in the DAO activities — for example, by introducing NFTs for the DAO sponsorship.
  • Thanks to its open-source model, the DAO can be easily developed further by the customer.

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