Supply chain + IoT

Cargo tracking

A decentralized cargo tracking system based on the Waves Enterprise blockchain or a major oil company

Supply chain + IoT

Geographic distribution of oil extraction is a significant challenge for companies, since it complicates logistics processes and leads to the need to organize a complex supply chain. Interaction of several parties requires division of areas of responsibility and effective resolution of disputes when they arise.

The absence of intellectual control of some parameters in the logistics arena presents a problem for the industry and can lead to costly and time-consuming claim resolution efforts that paralyze production processes.

Market expectations
  • There is a need for a tool that offers unequivocal data on the quality of execution of logistics processes in a trustless environment, where participants can be assured of reliable data.
  • There is a need for a tool that can clearly define responsibility areas for all participants in a logistics process and set parameters for its success.

A solution based on the Waves Enterprise platform is a business app that collects GPS trackers installed on vehicles and cargo. Data from the trackers is processed and written to the blockchain in the form of transactions. Any discrepancies, such as deviating from the itinerary or removing cargo from a vehicle, are automatically registered by a smart contract.

The solution enables not just real-time monitoring of cargo location but also fosters confidence that data cannot be altered by any of the participants.

Service operation

The system is based on the following components:

  • IoT trackers, or sensors capable of creating and signing transactions. Waves Enterprise facilitates standardized transactions in the JSON format for interaction with the blockchain. This enables integration of a lightweight library into the software of an IoT device and sending transactions directly to the blockchain.
  • A high-performance blockchain platform for processing transactions from a large number of trackers ensures throughput of at least 1,000 transactions per second.
  • A smart contract. For automating the process of verifying tracker data, the Waves Enterprise platform uses Turing-complete containerized smart contracts that facilitate implementation of an algorithm of any complexity and its decentralized execution in the isolated environment of a Docker container.
Cargo tracking system


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