Patient data


The solution offers a means of storing patient data on the blockchain, giving users control over how their medical information is used and accessed by clinics and other third parties, as well as ensuring redundancy in the case of data loss by individual organizations.

Patient data

Patient data (medical records, test results, vaccination information, etc.) is stored in medical institutions’ local IT systems. Patients have no access to it and cannot control the accuracy of data processing and storage, or how it is released to third parties.

In case of an IT system failure, patient data can be irretrievably lost.

In addition, data exchange between medical systems is a labor-intensive process that is also insecure in terms of data confidentiality.

  • On the Waves Enterprise platform, a network of participants is formed, each of whom stores a copy of a distributed ledger containing comprehensive patient data.
  • The data is stored in an encrypted form, so only participants authorized by a patient can have access to it.
  • At each stage, a responsible participant adds information to the blockchain, which cannot be deleted or altered as each of the network’s participants stores a copy of all records.
  • As a result, a patient can independently, using a web or mobile app, view their medical data and control the accuracy and timeliness of data added by medical institutions’ personnel.
  • Patient data lost due to IT system failures could be quickly retrieved.
  • An accumulated patient data array could be used in aggregated or anonymized form for clinical research.
  • Insurance companies will, with a patient’s consent, automatically be able gain access to reliable and comprehensive data required for accepting or denying insurance claims.
Business value

Reduced system integration costs for medical institutions thanks to the use of a single interface for accessing the blockchain. Reducing the costs of clinical research based on anonymized patient data.


A patient can control access to their personal data by third parties.


An adjustable mechanism for private groups ensures confidentiality of data.