A reference data storage service that provides data security by publishing from a private blockchain to the mainnet.

Data security problems in private blockchains

The oracle contract copy receives a request for regular data supply of certain type.
The oracle application processes the request and adds the regular data supply task to its schedule. Once in a specified period of time, the oracle application receives data from the source using an integration adapter.
The received data is added to the transaction and sent to the oracle contract address in the blockchain.
The oracle contract checks the sender’s credentials and changes its state.
The data becomes available to use by other contracts or applications.

Solution by Waves Enterprise

Waves Enterprise offers a reference data storage service (anchoring).
It ensures that the private blockchain data remains unchanged by publishing it to a larger network where substitution is unlikely due to a larger number of participants and blocks.
At the same time, no confidential data gets into the larger network. To guarantee the data inalterability it is enough to publish in it the signature and height of blocks of the private network. Mutual connection of two or more networks enhances their security, because the intruder has to attack all the connected networks in order to fake or change the data.

Anchoring scheme in the Waves Enterprise blockchain