Project implemented

Blockchain service to protect means of individualization


A platform for Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities and external IP specialists to implement pre-court activities on IP violations

Blockchain service to protect means of individualization
Target Audience

The core users of the blockchain service are copyright holders, who protect their intellectual property (IP) in any business field. IP specialists, such as patent engineers, patent attorneys, lawyers, and others can also connect to the service.

The first company that started using the service is the united industrial IP center of the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities. The center develops and implements a long-term strategy for managing IP rights in the space industry.

The Client’s Problems
  • Financial and reputational damage as a result of IP violations
  • Significant time and financial expenses for revealing IP violations and obtaining the evidence
  • Big demand for narrow specialists to find the violators and details of the violations
The Solution

The solution is based on the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform. It organizes all the pre-trial activities on IP protection:

  • engaging a large number of external IP specialists to suppress IP violations
  • paying non-monetary rewards for the violations disclosed — for example, Roscosmos can pay rewards with its souvenirs, invitations to museums and other themed attractions, or mentorship from the top managers.

This is how the platform works.

Preliminary stage

  • An IP owner joins the platform by placing its node in the infrastructure. A number of external specialists, such as patent engineers, patent attorneys, lawyers, and others, are already registered on the platform.

Revealing violations

  • External specialists find and gather various information about the IP violations — about the violators, the applicable laws, the suability; the details of a violation, including the reveal date and the supposed date of starting a violation.
  • The platform signs the revealed facts with the specialist’s QES (qualified electronic signature) or AES (advanced electronic signature), and a cryptographic timestamp.
  • The platform sends requests for the saved pages with violations to external archives (wayback machine).

Suppressing violations

  • IP owner’s specialists receive information on IP violations and take the actions necessary: suppress violations, determine the volumes of damage and potential compensation, initiate pre-court activities.
  • The external specialists who have collected the evidence get tokens, which can be exchanged for non-monetary rewards in the marketplace.
The Advantages of the Solution

The IP violation management platform based on Waves Enterprise blockchain platform uncovers quite a large number of advantages for copyright holders:

  • They cut their costs of revealing violations and collecting the evidence.
  • They prevent their financial and reputational damage by suppressing IP violations.
  • The probability of getting compensation increases as a result of pre-court work.
  • The total number of IP violations decreases thanks to preventive control and the increased chance of punishing the violators.

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